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Learning Aids
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Send for Feedback email pop-up hyperlink. Tool used to carry out tasks such as:
brief review projects, questionnaires, concerns, and comments
Senf for Feedback

Additional, means of communication: Drag & Drop lesson task files by way of File-Transfer Protocol (ftp://...), blog discussions, and instant text messaging.
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Print Aids – helpful reference material used to complete project tasks.
Print Aids icon of Lesson's PDF printouts.

Print Aid

Opening Questionnaire feedback/explanation to why questions were formulated. This will ensure or help partakers remember what the lesson goal is.

Opening Questionnarie

Challenge Your Noggin through Simulation Activities

Simulation Activities

Brief Review Project IIResample Resource Images

Internet Resources:

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How to Successfully Communicate A Presentation – Assessment Rubrics & Checklist

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How to Successfully Communicate a Presentation

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