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Lesson Map – How to Successfully Communicate A Presentation
Design Color

Student Profile and Questionnaire responses are desired. However, Brief Review Projects are optional.


Lesson Objective

Recall of Prior Learning – Execute Two Tasks

Learning Process

At this point, PowerPoint® Learning material is present – presentation is broken down into 4-files.

1. Lesson Objective plus Overview and
Slide Master Format

~ Font Formatting Palette, Bullets & Numbering, Paragraph Line Spacing &Text Box, Slide Color Scheme, Presentation Header & Footer, and Slide Reformat

~ Slide Master Valuable Tools – Checklist

~ Slide Master Brief Review Project

Print Aids & Projects: Project Sequence Chart, Student Profile Worksheet, Master Checklist, and Brief Review Project-One

2. Image Characteristics (size, resolution, and pixels):

~ Image Display Differ
~ Image Output Guidelines
~ Simulation Activities

Print Aids & Projects: Pixel Guidelines One and Pixel Guidelines Two


Begin by first making payment.

3. Insert Picture and Format/Resample Picture:

~ PowerPoint® Insert Picture
~ PowerPoint® Format Picture
~ Resample an Image Using Image-Editing Software
~ Brief Review Project II – Checklists
~ Brief Review Project II

Print Aids & Projects: Image-Editing Explanatory, PowerPoint® Image Checklist, Image-Editing Checklist, Picture Samples, and Brief Review Project-Two

4. Presentation Wrap-Up:

~ Slide Specs
~ Text Guidelines
~ Closing Guidelines
~ How To Save As A Design Template (*pot)

Extra Useful Tool Tips:
~ Customize Toolbar
~ Copy Fixes: Casing & Fonts
~ Object Controls: Ruler & Guide
~ Optional Print Output Options
~ Special Effects: Slide Transition & Animation
~ Display Appearances: PC & MAC

Print Aids & Projects: Wrap-Up and Tips

Learning Aids

Justification of Lesson Plan

Learning Environment

Discussions – Student Questions & Feedback

Lesson Inquiries or Assistance use the Send for Feedback icon (email hyperlink) below.
Assistance includes: The digital PowerPoint® presentation software lesson material (self-pace), helpful intro email, and instructor encounters by way of the internet. For $26.00.
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Design Color
How to Successfully Communicate a Presentation

Cover | Map | Objective | Recall | Learning | Aids | Justification | Environment | Discussions

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