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Lesson Objective A self-pace digital lesson together with instructor encounters by way of internet and email.
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Learn How to Successfully Communicate A Presentation (SCAP), by way of Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation software (Supplementary image-editing software may too be use for picture editing — instructions integrated.); also, created with PowerPoint® presentation software for on-screen and print review. A lesson designed for persons who wish to illustrate a memorable experience, visual portfolio, idea, or lesson plan. On the other hand, possibly for any person who wishes to gain a new meaningful experience on how to create a PowerPoint® presentation.

The lesson illustrates Key Concepts for PowerPoint® existence, presentation tools such as: Slide Master Format, Slide Layout, Slide Color Scheme, and other valuable tools. Moreover, the lesson explains topics about Image Characteristics; plus, demonstrates how to format and resample digital photographic images (raster files) for the finest on-screen and print output. In addition, presentation Wrap-Up tasks are discussed; issues illustrate helpful ways how to achieve context consistency and balance. Last, additional useful tools are discussed.

Overall, the course material explains and illustrates valuable application tool paths or tool commands – how to achieve a desired visual effect. Therefore, the objective is to learn how to deliver a presentation that communicates: success, consistency, and flawless output – no concerns for on-screen crashes, oversized files, image defects, font problems, or printing errors.

Course Objective Includes: A Self-pace Task

Slide Master Format (Layout):
Learn how to use software tools to customize the Slide Master or to Reformat an existing show. Outcome allows for corresponding show synchronization, consistency, and no concerns for font problems and printing errors.

Image Characteristics (size, resolution, and pixels):
Learn to differentiate between on-screen and print image characteristics. Outcome allows for best quality image output.

Insert Picture and Format/Resample Picture:
Learn how to format images using PowerPoint® Format Picture for best quality digital output. Moreover, learn how to resample an image using image-editing software, especially helpful technique when using earlier PowerPoint® versions. In addition, learn how to insert picture into a slide. Outcome, no concerns for oversized files – especially for sharing purposes, image defects, on-screen crashes, and printing errors.

Presentation Wrap-Up:
Learn the, recommended Slide Specs, Text Guidelines, Copy Fixes Presentation Closing Guidelines, and how to Save File As A Design Template (*pot). Outcome supports structural design and assist ease of learning.

Extra Useful Tool Tips:
Learn how to use addition Tools and their Motives. Outcome supports ease of tool use and aids to learners' learning characteristics.

Learning material is for PowerPoint® 2003 (PC) or PowerPoint X for Mac® presentation users; however, earlier versions apply but desired tool paths and supporting visuals may differ.

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How to Successfully Communicate a Presentation

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