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Recall of Prior Learning – Execute Two Tasks (Opening Questionnaire & Student Profile)
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Partakers who successfully demonstrate tasks pose prerequisite skill to execute the lesson plan. Moreover, second task outcome will be applied to future lesson tasks. In addition, demonstrations of lesson tasks help for performance evaluation; for that reason, I can coach learners to their best interest. Student Profile and Questionnaire responses are desired. However, Brief Review Projects are optional.

First task, partakers must reply to an Opening Questionnaire by using the Send for Feedback (hyperlink for an email pop-up used for lesson assignments, messages, or concerns) icon. In addition, copy and paste Opening Questionnaire's questions to the email message. Questions below:

At end of lesson, partakers will be given Questionnaire feedback or answers to why these questions were formulated. This will ensure or help partakers remember what the lesson goal is.

Q-1) Have you previously used PowerPoint® and if so have you ever worked with a Blank Slide (without a Master present) and drew a Text Box to add text?

Q-2) Have you ever presented or printed a presentation that crashed or stopped working and if so tell me about your presentation file, what did it enclose?

Q-3) Have you ever shared (by email or different computer) a presentation file and the file did not open for the visitor?

Q-4) Have you ever presented a presentation that the fonts or pictures projected or printed distorted and if so what image format and font styles did you use?

Second task, includes a PowerPoint® file attachment to the Opening Questionnaire's response email message; the attachment must be download from link provided here: ProjectWS.ppt. In addition, this one slide file must contain a brief Student Profile such as: partaker's name, reason for partaking, and email address (any style but quickly done – novice skills). In addition, partaker must keep hold of their file for future manipulation.

Overall, coursework will remind learners what they know and what they do not know about the lesson’s objective.

At this time, you may resume to next objective — the Learning Process.

Senf for Feedback

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How to Successfully Communicate a Presentation

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